SAPS investigation in collaboration with AI Surveillance yields big success using Vumacam platform

Collaboration between SAPS, JMPD and AI Surveillance (AIS) saw major results on Thursday after using Vumacam Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras to assist with apprehending dangerous suspects who had managed to evade capture for some time.

Linden SAPS requested assistance in tracking a number of vehicles believed to be involved in crimes in the area. Investigators, believing the suspects were active in the CBD contacted area monitoring company AI Surveillance to load the suspect vehicle licence plates into the Vehicle of Interest (VOI) database and monitor for any alerts.  

“Within a few hours, we received a flag from a Vumcam LPR  camera and we immediately informed SAPS and JMPD.  The cameras clearly showed one of the vehicles driving through the South-Western Improvement District (SWID) in the CBD,” explains Rob Nichol, CEO of AI Surveillance.

A JMPD undercover unit was dispatched immediately, managing to locate the vehicle in Fordsburg with two suspects inside the vehicle. Both suspects were detained by JMPD and various fake number plates were found in the vehicle. 

Upon reviewing the plates found in the vehicle against the VOI database, investigators established that the same vehicle had been involved in an incident in which police members were shot at weeks earlier. 

Both suspects are in police custody and the vehicle is being held for evidence. More investigations will follow. 

“This once again shows how effective the LPR cameras are, especially when combined with good investigative work and collaboration between law enforcement and private security. Acting together creates a solid support network to  apprehend criminals and prevent future crime events,” says Nichol 

Closeup of traffic security camera surveillance (CCTV) in the big city.