What makes us smarter

We use the latest technology to make CCTV monitoring quicker and more effective than ever before.

Ais monotoring

- Our artificial intelligence (“AI”) software reduces monitored footage by more than 95%

- The software learns the normal behavioural patterns of your monitored environment

- Alerts only when unusual behaviour is detected

- Additionally, the software is overlaid with rules based technology, including virtual tripwires and moving target indicator

- Detected incidences are packaged to controllers in a sophisticated auditable alarm stack

How we work

Our approach is innovative, forward thinking and seamless. Each client we monitor has unique requirements. We create tailor-made solutions by combining the strengths of industry leading software, centralised cloud storage and experienced control room operators. You can rest assured knowing that we have an eye on your business 24/7.


How we monitor

We monitor your security footage for any unusual/suspicious behaviour. All camera feeds are pulled into a single platform and customers are alerted in real-time.


How we report

Detailed weekly reports are standard whilst incident reports are promptly filed and followed by a detailed outline of the event to make sure that our clients know exactly what has been done to ensure their safety.


Leaders in Offsite CCTV monitoring