Outsourcing your cctv monitoring service is the smart choice

Photography by Jeremy Glyn for AI Surveilance in October 2020.

If you’re thinking of establishing an in-house security team as an effective cost cutting exercise… don’t. And here are the 4 good reasons why:

  1. CCTV monitoring services are most robust when driven by offsite surveillance specialists with the required infrastructure, expertise and state-of-the-art technology.
  2. Substantial in-house resources are needed to guarantee the safety and security of people and assets. They are often limited by shrinking budgets resulting in a service that does not operate optimally. In contrast, offsite professional surveillance monitoring services seamlessly integrate into an existing structure to lower costs and business risk by replacing costly security guards and increasing efficiency, reliability and accountability.
  3. Clients benefit from the strategic security partnerships they can develop with service providers who draw on their industry experience and in-depth industry knowledge to create custom solutions that shape future security strategies and offer a hugely improved service.
  4. A specialist off-site CCTV monitoring company works in partnership with SAPS and various armed response companies and communicates on a daily basis to share information and intelligence. The result is two-fold: a closer, better informed and trust-based relationship which may have been more difficult to achieve with less frequent interactions and crucially, the prevention and reduction of crime.