Offsite monitoring sets itself apart when human judgement and advanced technology are in sync

Intelligent video analytics software showcases the powerful proactive and preventative value of security cameras. The success or failure of the operation however depends on the control room team and their ability to make intelligent and appropriate decisions on the spot. 

That’s why we believe that the future competitive edge of offsite surveillance companies will lie in the skills and abilities of their controllers to interpret evolving situations correctly and make the right decisions in real time to prevent potential threats.  

Having said that, we also understand the demanding role control room teams play in the security chain and the potential devastating consequences of errors. That is why we highly value knowledge sharing and have established industry best practice within our company. 

Our training is ongoing and focused on improving overall knowledge, achieving a thorough understanding of the software as well as information analysis and the fundamental importance of vigilance and situation awareness. 

Most importanty, we create a work environment that allows our controllers to hone their skills so that they can take the right action at the right time using the full extent of our innovative, state-of-the-art technology.